Bombermen is a real-time multiplayer browser-based clone of Bomberman. Amber Feng, Allen Chen, and I made created the game in less than 10 hours at Yahoo HackU 2011.

#Introduction Bombermen is a real-time multiplayer game playable in the browser. It is based off of the classic game, Bomberman using WebGL, Node.js, and Now.js

#Background Bombermen was conceived and implemented at Yahoo HackU 2011. I, along with Amber Feng and Allen Chen decided to learn WebGL and Node.js/Now.js, and created Bombermen in less than 10 hours as an exercise in learning the frameworks. We received an honorable mention at the hackathon.

#Technical Bombermen uses simple WebGL to render the objects in 3D on a browser. We texture each player’s character with their Gravatar. To make the game real-time, we used a Node.js server with Now.js to maintain client-server interaction.